Predictability is the key

Intelligent marketing research, Using consumer neuroscience, Online

Work Process

Listen to your needs

Send us the visuals and concepts you wish to test

Implement the study and algorithms.

Field work. We recruit online consumers on any market of your choice.

Results presentation and knowledge transfer.

Translate results into effective business decisions.

Neurometric proposes the most efficient scientific solutions that will impact your marketing decisions. To guarantee the best support, we closely monitor your needs and expectations throughout the work process, and offer our help to translate our results into effective business decisions.

Why Choose Us

1.We guarantee a high end service & the latest validated neuroscientific solutions.

2.We focus on the client’s needs and expectations.

3.We offer extensive support to translate our scientific solutions into effective business decisions.

What People Say ?

Desjardins is always on the lookout for new ways of listening to the needs and expectations of their members and clients. Thanks to the word association approach used by Neurometric, Desjardins has been able to explore an innovative research method that is still rarely applied in the business world. The study having been done early in the project cycle, the conclusions that emerged have allowed to influence the decision-making in an upstream fashion. A convergence of the scientific and the business communities… that profits our members and clients.


Maryse Belles-Isles, Marketing Research Advisor, Desjardins

What People Say ?

In addition to position Québecor Groupe Média as a leader in the media market in Québec and Canada, the Neurometric study on creative formats allowed to demonstrate to our business partners that an investment in media creativity on the television leads to successes. A sign that the market was awaiting this type of studies, it had a direct impact on the sales of creative formats.


Donald Lizotte, Executive VP, Régie publicitaire Québecor Groupe Média

What People Say ?

At Agropur, we continually work on supporting our ideas and decisions on facts which demonstrate that we are meeting the needs of our consumers. Eager to explore innovative research methods and aware of the importance that we must give to the emotional factor, we recently used the word association technique developped by Neurometric. Exploring the instinctive and emotional thinking of consumers, this approach has especially helped us in selecting the appropriate tagline for one of our brands. Moreover, the vulgarization of the results by Neurométric firm has made this science accessible to different groups in the company. The Neurometric team is undoubtedly young, dynamic and committed to the success of its customers.


Sophie Deschamps, Marketing Director, Market Intelligence and Consumers Insights, Operations Canada